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We can provide fireworks and pyrotechnics for a range of events and occasions. Based in Cwmbran, we provide our services throughout the UK.

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Pyrotechnic & Firework Displays in Cwmbran

We pride ourselves on being Wales’ premier fireworks display company and have over twenty years experience in the industry. At Pendragon Fireworks & Pyrotechnics, we have an outstanding safety record and can provide displays for everything from large corporate events to weddings, product launches or award ceremonies. With companies such as Lombard finance, Burton’s foods, British Gas, Lexus and BP to name a few which come back year after year. In 2007 we were the winners of the Welsh National Fireworks Championships. In 2008 we returned to the Welsh National Fireworks Championships and won for a 2nd year running, we completed a great year by winning the British Fireworks Championships 2008.

Magical Firework Displays

A magical experience, that’s how our customers describe the work we do for them. From the smallest event to grand celebrations, like the recent BBC Proms in the park and the WRC Rally both held in Swansea. We can have your audience in ore and wonder, please let us perform one of our spectacular displays for you. When it comes to pyrotechnics and firework displays, we are able to cover the whole of Wales as well as offer our services anywhere in the UK. Controlling fire and making colourful explosions and patterns in the sky is something we pride ourselves in and we will make your special event all the more memorable for your guests, or indeed your paying public. 

Fireworks For Any Event

There are so many occasions where even subdued fireworks can leave a lasting impression; for instance, fireworks which are small and used to light the way of a newlywed bride and groom, fireworks for a display to celebrate the winning of a sporting prize, or bright sparkling type fireworks with a few flashes here and there to announce the arrival of a new product or brand will all make the event that much more memorable. If you are in Wales or situated elsewhere throughout the UK and are interested in having a fireworks display, then make sure to get in touch with us.

Pendragon Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

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